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The days of Brute Force SEO are gone. The demise of strategic keyword stuffing creates a new breed of SEO Content Writers and Nashville Web Design Experts. We hear the term “White Hat SEO” quite a bit but what does it really mean? White Hat SEO is “The use of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience and completely follow search engine rules and policies. A Web site or content that is SEO optimized focuses on both content relevancy and organic search ranking”.

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User Experience – Web Design – UX Design Process

User Experience Design

The most overlooked Web Design elements are the most important. Web Design User Experience. Smart Web Design is more than just creating fancy templates and sharp graphics. SEO and Search Engine Marketing create a road map to relevant content on the web, but the destination must be a site that really works. The best content and the most current technology won’t help you reach those goals without a cohesive and consistent online user experience to support it.

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